PHL 195 Bailey CBL Project: Research Articles

Guide to support CBL project about Cascade Learning Gardens

Peer reviewed research articles

Scientists have many names for the articles where the results of studies are published and shared with the rest of the science community: primary scientific literature, original research articles, or peer-reviewed journal articles. Learn the fundamentals about reading and comprehending this type of article from the information on this page. 

Peer reviewed articles -- the basics

If this is your first experience reading peer reviewed articles, start with this three minute video to understand the basics of peer review.

More about peer reviewed research articles

Not every article published in a peer reviewed journal is a peer reviewed research study.  Learn more about different types of professional science articles.

Reading and understanding a science article

Peer reviewed research articles earn high marks for credibility, but they are very hard for non-scientists to comprehend.  The guide and video below will make the process easier. Start with this webpage from Utah State University, which includes a short video and an excellent anatomy of the structure of typical article. 

This 5 minute video from Kishwaukee Library provides time-saving strategies for reading a scientific article

Scientific Primary Sources

This 6-minute tutorial from Edmonds College Library will help you find and identify primary sources in the sciences.