PHL 195 Bailey CBL Project: PCC Climate Action Plan

Guide to support CBL project about Cascade Learning Gardens

Starting your research

President Mitsui holding "still in" signThe first step in any research project is to do some background reading.  This will help you understand the context of the issue, which will allow your research to be more targeted.  Background research will also help you find a range of topic options, and determine if a particular topic will work well for your assignment. 

PCC's Climate Action plan includes specific goals about reducing greenhouse gas emissions as well as general goals to promote sustainability. The picture to the right shows PCC President Mark Mitsui at an international conference on higher education and climate action.  His #Stillin sign shows that PCC continues to work towards the commitments of the Paris Climate Accords.  Source:

For this project, you will focus on one of the following aspects of the Cascade Learning Garden to research its connection to sustainability and greenhouse gas reduction: 

  • Pollinator Garden
  • Biodiversity
  • Composting
  • Drip Irrigation and Water Conservation
  • No sprays

The links below provide some places to get started.  A general web search is also a great place to start. 

PCC's Climate Action Plan

Portland Community College is a recognized leader in climate action and sustainability.  The college adopted a comprehensive climate plan in 2009, which was updated in 2013.  Work on the 2020 Climate Action Plan is underway.  Goals and priorities have been established, and a comprehensive plan and report should be released later this year.

Gardens and Climate Change

PCC’s community gardens are included as one of the components of the college's Climate Action Plans.  From the 2013 report: “Learning gardens offer the college the opportunity to reduce carbon emissions, serve food grown on campus and support its service learning program” (27).

Below are a few general examples about how learning gardens can help support efforts to mitigate climate change.