PHL 195 Bailey CBL Project: Finding Science Articles

Guide to support CBL project about Cascade Learning Gardens

Finding scientific articles

Library databases provide access to thousands of peer reviewed scientific journals, as well as news and popular magazine articles.  If you are new to database searching, be sure to watch both of the videos on this page to get started.

Library databases are NOT intuitive to use, and there are scores of different databases, each with unique content. Consulting a librarian to get some tips about which database is best for a particular topic, and what strategies work best with that database, can save you time.  

This page also includes information on Google Scholar, a source for finding scientific articles online.


Finding articles through the PCC Library (4 minutes)

PCC library provides access to over 100 subscription databases.  This video shows the fastest way to start searching the largest databases, EBSCOHost.  

Brainstorming Keywords (3 minutes)

Search Strategy Overview

1. Use quotation marks around two or more words in a search term to locate them as an exact phrase.

2. Break up your question into separate keywords and use different boxes for each idea.

3. Brainstorm synonyms and related concepts and include them in your search using OR.

4. Use an asterisk (*) to locate root words that have different endings.

  • will bring back child, childs, children, childrens, childhood

  • will bring back meditate, meditation, meditators, meditative

Recommended science databases available at the PCC Library

Find these and other library databases from the link for Databases on the PCC Library website, or directly from the Articles and Databases page. 

Find peer reviewed research on the web

Find research articles on the web at  Not all of the articles will be peer reviewed, but the quality will be much higher than from an ordinary Google search.