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Information Literacy Reflection Tool

Identifying a publisher / website host / author

Tip! Sometimes it's hard to determine WHO the author is or WHAT publishing group is hosting a particular website or publishes a particular magazine online or in print. One easy way to determine the perspective or position of a particular publisher is to find the publisher in Wikipedia to get a description, summary or short history. This also works for most nonprofit organizations or interest groups.

Tips for detecting fake news

From the International Federation of Library Associations 

Evaluating Sources: How PCC Students Do It

In this video, three Portland Community College students talk about how they consider, evaluate and use sources for their own research assignments. It should give you a good idea of what you should consider when evaluating sources for your research.

Fact Checking

Tips for fact checking! Use the websites below to help you determine the reliability and bias of the information provided by a source. For example, look up the claims, author credentials and organization names mentioned in the source.