Everybody Reads 2016: The Book of Unknown Americans: Get Started

A resource guide for the 2016 Everybody Reads selection: "The Book of Unknown Americans" by Cristina Henríquez

Everybody Reads 2016

Book Cover The Book of Unknown Americans by Cristina Henríquez is the Everybody Reads 2016 selection.  The book tells the stories of the lives of multiple Latin American immigrants and their families who reside together in an apartment complex in Delaware.

Read the book!  Get involved! 

  • Borrow a copy from the PCC Library.  Multiple copies are available in the collection at each campus for students, staff and faculty. Starting in January, 2016, we will have custom "Everybody Reads" copies of the book available for reading and sharing.
  • Find out when discussion groups and events are happening at PCC.  If you have ideas for events or would like to host a discussion group--contact us and we will direct you to the correct person. 
  • Cristina Henríquez will speak at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall on March 8, 2016 sponsored by Literary Arts.  Tickets are available for purchase through the Portland'5 Centers for the Arts site.  PCC students can purchase discounted tickets through ASPCC in February, 2016.


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Information & Events

Visit the PCC Library's Everybody Reads 2016 information page for events at the PCC campuses.

Multnomah County Library has a full listing of Everybody Reads events throughout the area. 

If you have ideas for events or discussion groups, please contact us.