Geography courses / Kheirabadi: Find Sources

Library resources to find sources that address the critical thinking questions in Geography courses.

PCC Library Search


Use the search box below to find books, videos, articles and more. Click on the tab on the left (PCC Library & Summit) to search for books and videos. Click on the Articles tab on the right to search for newspaper, magazine, and academic journal articles available through the library. Check the "Peer Reviewed" box to limit your search to scholarly journal articles. This searches our two largest full-text article databases.

Video: Find Articles through the PCC Library

Reading a Search Results Page from a Library Database

Library databases are great places to find published articles, but the results pages can be confusing, so this video will give you some tips to help you find useful results.

Getting a book from the PCC Library

  • Enter a search in the PCC Library search box. 
  • If the book you want has a linked message starting with Available at..., and the book is available on your home campus, write down the location and call number.
  • If the book is available from another campus, click on the "Request" button in the "Get It" section, (NOTE: You will need to login with your MyPCC username and password after clicking the blue "Sign in" button to see the "Request" button), and specify the campus to which you'd like the book to be sent.
  • If the book is not available from PCC, you can order it from Summit using the "Request from another Summit library (about 5 days)" button (located in the "Get It" section); and if not available from Summit, request it through Interlibrary Loan.

Getting a book we don't have through Summit

If we don't have a book, chances are we can get it for you!

When you find an item with a "Request from another library" message that means the book is not in our collection or is checked out. You may be able to request the book from a library in our region. If you don't see the "Request from another Summit library (about 5 days)" link button, you will need to log in with your MyPCC username and password after you click the blue "Sign in" button. 

Items requested through Summit can be delivered to any PCC Library at no cost for pick-up in 2-5 days. An email to your MyPCC account will notify you when your item is ready for pick up. PCC students and staff can visit any Summit library and borrow items directly with your PCC photo ID. Return your borrowed items to any PCC library.

Find Articles

Search these databases to find articles on topics related to geography. I would also suggest looking at the full list of library databases, as geographical research can be multidisciplinary. Some research projects might require searching areas such as geology, environmental science, history, sociology, and anthropology.

Search tips

When looking for helpful sources using our PCC library site, try different search term combinations for better results.  For example, if you are looking for information concerning the relationship between changes in land use patterns and their impacts on the Earth's climate/atmosphere, you could try any combination of these search terms:​

  • deforestation and climate change
  • industrial agriculture and ozone
  • climate change and factory farms

Keep in mind that some terms will be used by a particular perspective. For example, factory farms are usually used by individuals critical of large-scale farming, while industrial agriculture is a more general term. Most sources will have a perspective or bias, and it's important to recognize the viewpoint the source provides as you include it in your responses. Usually the most scientific and unbiased views are found in academic/scholarly articles found in peer-reviewed journals and you need to use at least two articles from peer-reviewed journals in supporting your arguments throughout your essay.

What is Peer Review?

Infographic describing the peer-review process.