RA (Reading Apprenticeship)

Published sources and conference presentations, and contacts for learning about the methodology and framework for Reading Apprenticeship

Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education (2015) : Community College View

Improving Library Instruction with RA

Inquiry in library instruction, for search terms

Further examples from Pierce college librarians, Rachel Goon and Zoe Fisher, in their presentation to the regional RA conference at Renton Tech College.  Their presentation, From Inquiry Questions to Search Terms introduces "Talking to the Text" to compare literary criticism between two types of Reference books, and the use of "Think Aloud" to determine the credibility of sources. They used a group work exercise where they had students place a dot on a linear scale before, and then after the Think Aloud, in looking at the article, "10 Reasons to Have a Beer" from Men's Health (see slide 5 of the article).

Intersections of RA and Information Literacy Frameworks

Inquiry based learning in the "one-shot"

Zoe Fisher, Pierce College (Tacoma) incorporates RA strategies into her inquiry based learning approach to her 50 minute library instruction sessions.  Some examples are in her presentation to the Library Instruction of the West (2014) conference, Live the Question, Love the Question. She starts with the  Evidence/Inquiry log, and uses a "What I know/What I want to know" reflection along with think/pair/share.

Reading Apprenticeship at PCC