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Reading for Understanding by Ruth Schoenbach is the key guide to the methodology and practice of Reading Apprenticeship. Several copies are available from the library, including an e-book version.  

Leading for Literacy by Ruth Schoenbach is focused on college level application of the Reading Apprenticeship methodology.  Copies are available from the library, including an e-book version


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Pam Kessinger

RA Leadership Team

The RA Leadership Team at PCC welcomes your interest and participation!  Contact us:

Bill Bogart, Rock Creek, Developmental English.  bbogart@pcc.edu

Danica Fierman, Rock Creek, Student Learning Center, and Developmental English: danica.fierman@pcc.edu

Pam Kessinger, Rock Creek, Librarian: pkessing@pcc.edu

Theresa Love, Rock Creek, Developmental English: tlove@pcc.edu