Anatomy and Physiology: Films

Humans and Bacteria

This program presents the human body as a complex ecosystem of bacteria, then examines each portion of the body, which bacteria live there, and why. The three major bacterial groups—sphere-shaped cocci, rods, and helical spirochetes and spirilla—are examined. Their behavior when interacting within the body is explored. The life and death of obligate aerobes, facultative anaerobes, and obligate anaerobes is described. A discussion of factors that encourage bacterial growth leads to specific information on which bacteria cause certain conditions, and how infection can be avoided. (41 minutes)


Cancer and Metastasis

This program studies the biological processes by which the body reproduces cancerous tumors, and summarizes the results of current research. The various steps of metastasis are clearly demonstrated in film and computer animation. A film segment of real human tissue shows tumor cells moving in a regulated manner under the direction of "leader cells." Computer animation illustrates how a normal cell becomes cancerous. Treatments under development for the prevention of metastasis in certain cancers are summarized. (39 minutes)