BI 101 Southeast: Web resources

Web research for environmental topics

This page provides information about finding credible science research on the web.

If you search the web for "fracking", your results will include pages from industry groups that profit from hydraulic fracturing and from environment advocacy groups that are working to ban the practice.  These are both useful information sources to see the different perspectives on the issue.  However, while these websites may provide links to research reports and studies, be aware that these were likely "cherry picked" to support particular perspectives.

Good sources for more objective, credible science research on the web are described below:  government agencies, university websites, and Google Scholar. 

Another good strategy for finding credible sources is to start with a guide recommended by PCC librarians and instructors:

University websites

Colleges and universities also conduct substantial scientific research, often funded by grants from government agencies.

You can add site:edu to your search to limit your results to education sites.  However, .edu sites include all levels of education, so you need to confirm that the information you want to use comes a respected college or university.  Here are examples of university websites useful for research on environmental issues.

Find peer reviewed research on the web

Find research articles on the web at  Not all of the articles will be peer reviewed, but the quality will be much higher than from an ordinary Google search.