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Project: Environmental Issue Fact Sheet/Brochure

This guide goes along with the ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUE fact sheet or brochure that you will be creating for your BI 101 class.  images of brochures and fact sheets

The assignment requests at least four sources presenting current research on the issue you choose.  "Find scholarly journals (scientific journal), experiment from university/government, or science magazine (e.g. Scientific American, Discover, etc.) on your environmental issue of choice. Include a summary of the purpose, procedures, major findings, and recommendations for further study on the environmental issue ... If you use the internet as a source, make sure to only use credible sources such as a government or university site."

This guide provides

Online Library Research Assignment

Online worksheets that go along with this guide:

Possible Topic Ideas:

Acid Rain                                                                    Radioactive Fallout

Air Pollution                                                                 Recycling

Biodiversity                                                                  Soil Erosion / Conservation

Climate Change                                                          Solid Waste Management

Coral Reefs                                                                 Three Mile Island Accident

DDT                                                                             Water Management

Deep Sea Mining                                                        Water Pollution

Deforestation                                                               Wetlands

Drought                                                                       Impact of Agriculture:

El Nino                                                                             -Irrigation

Flooding                                                                           -Pesticides

Forest Conservation                                                         -Soil Degradation

Forest Fires

Glaciers                                                                       Impact of Dams (upstream, downstream)

Global Warming                                                          Impact of Fossil Fuel Use

Groundwater Contamination                                       Impact of Fishing / Overfishing

Landfills                                                                       Impact of Paint           

Nuclear and Hazardous Waste                                   Impact of Paper Industry

Ocean Pollution                                                           Impact of Nanotechnology

Oil Spills                                                                      Impact of Shipping

Ozone Layer Depletion                                               Impact of War

Plastic Pollution                                                           Impact of Cities / Urban Environments

                                                                                    **Impact of COVID-19 on the Environment

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