Climate Change Curriculum

Curriculum resources for faculty in different disciplines

Climate Change Curriculum

Image of a globe with words "PCC Sustainability" below itThis guide compiles curriculum resources for integrating climate change into courses across the disciplines. Some of the resources were created by PCC instructors, while most come from national or international networks of climate educators. An extensive list of web resources is below on this page. Find specific topics or types of resources from the navigation tabs to the left or from these links:

  • PCC pathways curriculum - resources created by PCC instructors and staff
  • Affective resources - activities and guidance for emotionally-responsive climate education
  • Climate justice - curriculum resources with an equity focus
  • Humanities - resources for the arts, literature and other humanities disciplines
  • K-12 resources - extensive compilations of resources targeted at the K-12 level which may have use in higher education
  • Pedagogy - strategies for teaching climate change
  • Science- curriculum focused on the physical, biological and technological aspects of climate change
  • Solutions - curriculum resources for mitigating the crisis
  • Video resources - media available online or through PCC library

Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the subject, some resources may be listed in multiple places.

This guide was created as part of a professional leave project by librarian Roberta Richards in Spring 2021. See also these guides:

Climate change curriculum databases

Resources for Teaching About Climate Change With The New York Times

Image of invitation to activate New York Times subscriptionPCC students and faculty have full access to the New York Times online through PCC Library. Getting Started with the New York Times Online

Access lesson plans, videos and other teaching materials: Resources for Teaching About Climate Change with the New York TImes

PCC 2021 Climate Action Plan video guide for faculty (7:33 minutes)

Learn about the 2021 PCC Climate Action plan in this short video for faculty, produced by Briar Schoon, PCC Sustainability Manager, and Stephania Fregosi, PCC Sustainability Analyst.  PCC 2021 Climate Action Plan (faculty)

A shorter version of this video created for students is also available. PCC 2021 Climate Action Plan (students) (6:44 minutes).. 

Web resources (most of which are cross listed in relevant sections)