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Psychology: Getting Started

Psychology Websites

These web sites are reputable sources for information about Psychology. These are not peer reviewed articles, but they can give you the background you will need to understand peer-reviewed articles.
For peer-reviewed materials, use the "Peer Reviewed Articles" tab at the top of this page.

Study Guide to Psychology by Ciccarelli.  Created by the Psychology Faculty of Gordon State Community College in Georgia, it has study/review questions for each chapter of your book.  It might also be useful in helping you focus your game project.

Child Development, from MedlinePlus. Basic information and links to current research, provided by the National Institutes for Health.

How to Study for Psychology. A webpage from the 'How to Study' website, devoted to guess what subject?

MINDHACKS is psychologist Tom Stafford's blog. He posts bits of psychological research and stuff of general interest related to our mind and emotions. Use the search box (on the right- you'll have to scroll down) to search for posts with a certain word, such as 'marijuana.'

National Institute of Mental Health [website]
Part of the National Institute of Health webpage. It is aimed for people who want "not-too-scholarly" information on mental health.

AllTop Psychology AllTop is a website that pulls together recent posts from a variety of websites and blogs related to Psychology.  While there is material here that is reliable, other parts are just opinions, and I didn't spot anything that I would call "peer reviewed." But it can be useful in identifying recent trends, thinking, and events in the humongous world of Psychology.

Social Psychology Network.  A big website with tons of material. It has links to classic experiments such as the Stanford Prison Study.

Top 10 Free Psychology Videos on the Web.
Who says there ain't no free lunch?

PCC Psychology Department Webpage.

For peer-reviewed materials, use the "Peer Reviewed" tab.

Psychology Videos

Brain Power. From Neurons to Networks.  11 Minutes. Highly recommended by faculty member Jon Olmsted.


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