Psychology: Getting Started

Psychology Websites

These web sites are reputable sources for information about Psychology. These are not peer reviewed articles, but they can give you the background you will need to understand peer-reviewed articles.  For peer-reviewed materials, use the "Peer Reviewed Articles" tab at the top of this page.

American Psychological Association. This page is frequently updated, but contains standard features such as "Psychology in Daily Life" and the "Science and Practice of Psychology."  A good place to start if you are looking for a current event topic. 

A Sample APA Paper to use as a model  From Jeffrey Kahn at Illinois State University.

Child Development, from MedlinePlus.   Basic information and links to current research, provided by the National Institutes for Health.

National Institute of Mental Health
Part of the National Institute of Health webpage. It is aimed for people who want "not-too-scholarly" information on mental health.

Social Psychology Network.  A big website with tons of material. It has links to classic experiments such as the Stanford Prison Study.

Top 10 Free Psychology Videos on the Web. Includes Manic-Depressive; The Stanford Prison Experiment; My Stroke of Insight; Paradox of Choice; Trapped; Mental Illness in America's Prisons; Teen Brain; Depression; Out of the Shadows; Thin; I Am Not Sick, I Don't Need Help; and The Psychology of Global Warming.

PCC Psychology Department Webpage.

For peer-reviewed materials, use the "Peer Reviewed" tab.

Psychology Encyclopedias

Search the Psychology Books and Encyclopedias from the Gale Virtual Reference Library.  This is a fine collection of materials to begin research, and you can email articles to yourself, with citations, or import citations into EasyBib. It includes the Gale Encyclopedia of Mental Health and about 30 other books...One search for 30 books!

The Gale Encyclopedia of Mental Health

Background Information

Psychology Videos

Psychology of Evil.  A TED talk by Philip Zimbardo. (23 Minutes) 6 Million Views. ZImbardo was a leader in the infamous Stanford Prison Experiment.

The Brain, Memory and Multitasking.  A TEDx talk by Adam Gazzaley,  22 minutes. 

Over 2,000 streaming videos on psychology from the Films on Demand collection.  (You can do a search to narrow it down.)  Includes "How Language Shapes the Way we Think";  "My Son as a Columbine Shooter" ; and "Why Our Screens Make Us Less Happy." (Ironic, yes?)

Spongebob Squarepants meme: No, I don't know what you're thinking. I'm studying Psychology, not telepathy!

Psychology Department Webpage

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