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This guide is designed to help students do research in sociology, and to help students and faculty discover sociology resources available through the library. 

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  • Find Books and Videos - Get books available through the library and beyond.
  • Find Articles - Find articles about sociology topics.
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  • Cite Sources - Tips and tools for citing sources and avoiding plagiarism.
  • Get Help - Get help from a librarian 24x7, get support from a tutor, or find a handout or tutorial to help you with your research.

photo of protest banner that reads Make This Neighborhood Mixed Income
"Make this neighborhood mixed income" by Culture.Subculture. Used under CC BY.

Find Books, Articles, DVDs, and more

Opportunity Atlas

Created by researchers at Harvard and Brown universities, and published by the U.S. Census Bureau, the Opportunity Atlas is an interactive map displaying state and city level income data that you can browse by race and gender. This article on NPR describes how one school district in Charlotte, NC is using this atlas to better target educational opportunities for underserved populations -- (Oct. 1, 2018) The American Dream is Harder to Find in Some Neighborhoods.

Encyclopedias & Background reports for Sociology topics

Gerontology Research

for Gerontology classes

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