Religion: Getting Started

World Religions, Asian Religions


Use the tabs of this guide for research about world religions:

  • Books and Videos -- links to great resources available through PCC Library. 
  • World Religions in Portland -- suggested temples, mosques, churches and other sites that you can visit in Portland
  • Bible - resources for Old Testament/Hebrew scriptures and New Testament studies
  • Article Databases - find published magazine and journal articles
  • Websites - recommended web resources, plus a Google Custom Search tool that searches only sites recommended by PCC faculty
  • Get Help - resources on creating citations, finding writing and other tutors, and more.  

Religion Encyclopedias

  • Specialized encyclopedias are an excellent place to start your research. 

Religion Streaming Videos

  • View high quality videos about the world's religions online from the Films on Demand database.  Search by keyword or browse by Collections - Philosophy and Religion

Dalai Lama at the University of Oregon


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