Radiography: Getting Started


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This guide is designed to help student do research related to radiography.

Use the tabs to navigate through the other pages of the guide:

  • Find Sources - Find books, articles, videos, and more for your research.
  • Streaming Videos - Watch streaming videos on radiography-related topics.
  • Citing Sources - Citation advice and examples.
  • Get Help - Get help from a librarian 24x7, get support from a tutor, or find a handout or tutorial to help you with your research.

by Nevit Dilmen; CC BY-SA 3.0

Getting Topic Ideas and Background Information

There are many tools that can be useful for selecting a topic to research for an assignment or to get more information on a topic you don't currently know much about. 

Encyclopedias provide a broad overview of a topic, so they can be really helpful in coming up with a focused research question or background information when you're getting started with research:

Another way to get topic ideas is to browse the tables of contents of relevant journals. This is a great way also to see what professionals and scholars in your chosen field are talking about!

You can also do general searches in Google Scholar and the Health and Medicine Resources Database to get ideas for a topic to research. Both are available on the Find Sources page of this guide.


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