Accessing Popular Books, Videos, and Audio Online


The PCC Library has a great collection of academic eBooks and educational videos, but most of our popular books and videos are in print/DVD format and are not accessible during the closure. This guide will help you to access popular eBooks, audiobooks, and videos online through the public libraries in Metro Portland as well as through our PCC Library eBook and Audiobook Collection. Select the county you live in (or browse PCC's electronic collection) to see what is available to you:

Looking for a Book Recommendation?

Check out the PCC Library's Reading Guide for suggestions for popular books to read by subject matter or genre. You can also ask a librarian for help via the chat button to your left. 

Screenshot of PCC Reading Guide


Freely available eBooks

In addition to what's available from your local public library, the following temporarily free resources might be useful:

Librarians have created a list of some freely-available eBooks that are might be useful for students in ESOL and Reading classes.