Philosophy: Getting Started


This guide is designed to support research for PCC philosophy classes.  Use the tabs in this guide to find:

  • Articles - Find print and online philosophy magazines, and databases with philosophy magazine and journal articles.  
  • Books - Find philosophy books and e-books, including Philosophy and Popular Culture books.
  • Videos - DVDs and streaming films and documentaries
  • Websites - Recommended web sources. 
  • Get Help - Get help from a librarian 24x7, get support from a tutor, or find a handout or tutorial to help you with your research.


Online encyclopedias

Start your explorations of big ideas and great thinkers in online encyclopedias.

Philosopher Ruth Chang on hard choices (Ted Talk, 14 minutes)

Philosopher Ruth Chang asks why some choices are so hard — and what that means for the human condition.

Pandemic Philosophy

How does the discipline of philosophy help us make sense of a pandemic?

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