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Explanations & background reports

Need an explanation or an overview of an issue? Give one of these databases a try when you need to get a handle on a topic or an issue.

Newspaper databases

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Oregonian coverage of summer 2020 protests for racial justice

"Portland's Burning Heart" uses a combination of iPhone footage, on-the-ground photography and haunting voice over to tell the story of Portland's ongoing street protests from the perspective of a woman who knows them well: Emmy-winning photojournalist Beth Nakamura of The Oregonian. Beth is the burning heart at the center of the film, and over the course of its 13 minutes we watch as she evolves from local reporter to teargas-dodging, stab-vest-wearing conflict journalist.

Interviews with Journalists

The power of language

The Bridge


Check out past copies of The Bridge, PCC's student newspaper (no longer active). Bound copies of The Bridge from 1974 - 2002 are available at all four PCC Libraries. 

Journalism in PCC Library

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