HVAC/Facilities Maintenance: Getting Started

HVAC Information Sources Including OSHA

PCC Facilities Maintenance program website.
Data.Energy.Gov. Part of the U.S. General Services Administration. Includes maintenance and facilities services schedules for property that houses federal employees.
Facility Maintenance & Operations Committee 
Industrial Quick Search. (IQS). Similar to Thomas.net (below), this helps you find manufacturers and vendors of pumps, compressors, etc.
OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration. U.S. Department of Labor.
is an organization of manufacturers. They have articles on air conditioner maintenance, maintaining metal roll-up doors, dust collectors, noise control and other topics. Free!

Article Collections (Online) from the Library Collection.


How Much Do You Know About Solving Global Warming? 

How HVAC Knowledge Can Save the World     Take the quiz. 
Streaming Videos!


7 Funny HVAC Memes Part 3 | SpeedCleanResidential Air-Conditioning,


Residential Heating and Ventilation.  A 24 minute video, a bit dated, 2008, but includes forced-air furnaces, ignition systems, and the parts of gas furnaces. 

How a Furnace is Made (2015)


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