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anti-nazi movement



concentration camps germany

eugenics germany

hitler, adolf

hitler youth

holocaust (also searches Shoah)  For stories by individuals, use holocaust - personal narratives

holocaust denial   Note:  This is books about the holocaust denial movement.  The books that are written by holocaust deniers are found with the holocaust search.  If you want to read it, it might be easiest to identify one from a website, and then look for that title.

national socialism and nazi party

fascism.  Fascism is a term for the political philosophy that advocates the supremacy of a national or ethnic group, contempt for democracy, and advocacy for a single authoritarian national leader.  The Nazis were fascists, but there were many fascist countries in Europe that shared some traits of the Nazi party, but not others.  Italy under Mussolini was the first.  Other fascist nations included Germany, Spain, and Hungary.



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