GEO 206 Geography of Oregon: Get Started

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This guide is designed to help students do research on geographic issues in Oregon. 

Use the tabs above to navigate through the other pages of the guide:

  • Portland/Oregon News - Find information on local issues from news media sources. Good places to get topic ideas.
  • Find Books & Articles - Find books and articles in geography available through the library and beyond. 
  • Portland/Oregon Data - Useful data sources for Portland or Oregon research.
  • Portland/Oregon Government Sites - Links to city, Metro, county, and state government data and information.
  • Cite Sources - Tips and tools for citing sources and avoiding plagiarism.
  • Get Help - Get help from a librarian 24x7, get support from a tutor, or find a handout or tutorial to help you with your research.

Condos Kill Culture | Alley off Alberta in Portland, Oregon by Joe Mud. Used under CC BY-NC-SA.

Doing Research? Try the Geography Research Tutorial

This interactive tutorial will help you find quality sources for Geography research assignments using Library databases and Google Scholar.

Screenshot of the Geography tutorial

Find Books, Articles, DVDs, and more

Find Articles

Search these databases to find articles on topics on topics related to geography. Some of the databases below only contain scholarly research studies; others will contain a mix of scholarly, magazine, and newspaper articles; and others only have newspaper articles. Here are some of the benefits of scholarly articles. Each type of article is useful and beneficial and a good research paper will utilize a diverse array of sources.

Scholarly articles--

  • Report on the results of research studies
  • Are written by experts in the field
  • Are reviewed by experts to ensure the quality of the research
  • Tend to carry more weight with audiences because they are seen as being more credible and authoritative

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