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      This guide is designed to help students do research on food and nutrition - for classes and for life.

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  • Websites - Librarian-selected! Nutrition and Health, Food Composition, Data and Statistics, Blogs, Local Resources...MORE.
  • Articles, Databases, & NewsSuggested library databases for finding articles. Lists of Scholarly (Peer-Reviewed) Journals, Trade Publications, and Magazines.
  • Books & Videos - Help finding books, videos, and other materials at the PCC Library, as well as lists of recommended books and videos.
  • Apps & Calculators - If you want to take a recipe that's written to serve 10 and cook it to serve 3, this is the place.
  • Careers - Information about jobs and careers.
  • Recipes - Get cooking.
  • Fun Food and Nutty Nutrition - Have fun.
  • Cite Sources - Tools for citing and using sources.
  • Get Help - Get help from a librarian 24x7, get support from a tutor, ​
    or find a handout or tutorial to help you with your research.


Global Nutrition Report 2018

Food and Nutrition News - from NPR

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