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This guide includes ideas and curriculum for connecting your classes to the cultureSEast celebration and the themes it represents. 

For more curriculum ideas, consult the expansive guide with discipline-specific examples from Portland State University on Culturally Responsive and Inclusive Curriculum:

Hidden Figures - Underrepresented Scientist Project

Hidden Figures presentations. This adaptable Hidden Figures assignment could be modified for use in any math or science class.  Designed by PCC math instructor Cathy Amrein, the assignment asks students to research the contributions to a discipline from a scientist or mathematician beyond the dominant tradition (male, European origin) and present the information in some format.  The assignment attached here is designed as an extra credit project that includes a presentation and written report.

Physics International System of Units (SI units) exercise.

Crossing boarders with International System of Units  This exercise, developed by PCC physics instructor Jim Kennicutt, uses examples of cultures coming together through math and physics.

Speed Culturing

A number of PCC CTE and other classes have used 'speed culturing' to help students learn more about the world.  Here are some examples of successful events. 

Rock Creek students talking in a speed cultureing class

MTH 243 Statistics

Housing Survey Poster - a critical thinking statistics project designed to give a better understanding of a social issue.

Cara Lee's statistics students analyzed data about housing for PCC students, a project with connections to the PCC Reads book Evicted.  They presented their analysis in a poster display during the week of cultureSEast 2017.  This project could be adapted for use with other data sets relevant to the SE community and the themes of cultureSEast.

MTH 243 Housing Survey Poster (GoogleDoc)

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