Crime Fiction: Introduction

Explore the genre of Crime Fiction -- its history, subgenres, and why it's such a broadly appealing form of literature.

Introduction to Crime Fiction

Crime Fiction has become an incredibly popular genre. The resources in this guide will help you explore the different subgenres, gain a better understanding of the appeal of crime fiction, and learn more about the masters of the genre. The list of subgenres in crime fiction seems to be constantly growing. While crime fiction used to be limited to detective stories and thrillers, there is now a much greater diversity. We list some of them here. (Let us know if you think of others.)

Colorful illustration of a detective by Tim Liedtke

Psychological Suspense  Legal Thrillers  

Detectives  Political/Espionage  

Noir/Hardboiled   Locked Room Mysteries  

Cozy  Mysteries  Supernatural/paranormal  

Cyberpunk Noir  Crime/Horror crossovers  

Geographical/geopolitical  Medical  Police  Forensic


Illustration by Tim Liedtke

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