Climate Anxiety

Resources and events about climate anxiety for the PCC community

Climate Anxiety

Photo of mountains by John WestgateClimate anxiety, sometimes called eco-anxiety or climate grief, refers to the feelings of sadness, loss, fear and hopelessness caused by climate disruption. Youth and young adults are often the ones experiencing climate anxiety most acutely.

The Oregon Health Authority conducted a study on the impact of climate change on youth mental health, and found results similar to those found in international studies. A summary of the experience of Oregon youth: 

  • They are experiencing feelings of hopelessness, despair, anxiety and frustration about climate change
  • They feel dismissed by adults and the older generation.
  • They feel angry that not enough is being done to protect their future
  • They understand climate change as closely linked with systemic racism and oppression. They believe both need to be addressed at the same time.                                             "Climate Change and Youth Mental Health," June 2022, p.5.

This guide includes resources for understanding and addressing climate anxiety, including programming and support available here at Portland Community College. See below recommended web resources and videos for learning about eco- and climate anxiety. Use the tabs on the left to find

  • Books and podcasts—highly recommended!
  • Connections—groups and resources at PCC and beyond to connect those with shared concerns, including those working for climate solutions
  • Hope—quick hits of hope and resources for the long haul
  • Past events—information about past programming and events at PCC for students, staff and faculty related to climate anxiety 

Online resources

Climate anxiety videos

TED Talk, How to turn climate anxiety into action, with psychologist Renée Lertzman (14 minutes)


PBS video. "Our host will tackle the big question: what can someone do to realistically treat climate anxiety." (11 minutes)


Our house is on fire, so why aren’t we acting like it’s an emergency?  From Earthrise. (9:04 minutes)


Climate emotions wheel

Climate Scale, by Isaias Hernandez