CG 105: Getting Scholarships: Scholarships

First Choice -- PCC Foundation

Your first choice should be the PCC Foundation Scholarships!

As long as you are a student at PCC, your first stop should be the PCC Foundation Scholarships. These scholarships are exclusively for PCC students, funded by PCC and its donors. Take advantage of this amazing resource while you are here! 

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Second Choice -- Oregon Resident Scholarships

There are some grants that are available only to Oregon residents attending college in Oregon. This website:

is the official site for the state of Oregon's Office of Student Access and Completion. They have a directory of grants and scholarships available to Oregon college students. They have a standardized application form that you can fill in and save online.

    1. In the Green Bar, click on Scholarships
    2. Click on the button that says Apply Here! 
    3. Create an account on the OSAC Student Portal website and fill out the application.
One application helps you apply for over 500 scholarships so this is one you do not want to miss!  Fill out the form!

Chat or Text a Librarian for Help

Need to talk to a librarian? Use our chat system. Click the button to open the chat window.

Chat with a Librarian!

Email Us

Need to ask a question by email? Use the Email a Librarian form or find your favorite librarian's email address on Library Staff.

Third Choice -- Oregon Career Information System

The Oregon Career Information System is a great tool for career planning and for looking for scholarship options. It is operated by the University of Oregon and is available to you as a PCC student, but you will need to login to your MyPCC account in order to access its resources. 

  1. Login to MyPCC and go to My Courses. Look for the Career Planning Works box and click on the Oregon CIS link.   
  2. In the menu bar, go to Explore Resources and then go to Education and Training. 
  3. You should see a box that says Tools for Scholarships -- under it are links to search scholarships. The Scholarship Sort tool is especially handy if you're just starting out. It will ask you questions about yourself and your plan of study and will suggest scholarships based on your answers. 
  4. Most of these scholarships require that you visit a separate website and apply for each one separately. You can find some real gems on this website that fit you, but be prepared: it can be time consuming! 

Searching Online for More Scholarships

et ceteraYour best options for a successful search will probably be one of the three choices listed above. Searching for scholarships outside of those options can take a lot of time and effort and may result in fewer successful applications. But if you really want to spend the time and energy, you may just uncover a scholarship that's just right for you with one of the methods described below. 

But one word of advice before you get started:


Payment should never be a requirement of getting a scholarship. 


Using Google (or other web search engines like Bing or Duck Duck Go)
You can search the open web for scholarships, but BE CAREFUL! Do not trust commercial websites and make sure you know the organization is legitimate before you submit your personal information on ANY website.  You can create a search with the word "scholarship" and any special factors you want included. You can also add the phrase "" so it will not search websites that come from .com (or commercial) websites.  Here's an example: 
Google Web Search

Looking for Print Books

At the library, you can find and check out print books that have lists and descriptions of scholarships. The call number of that section is: 378.73. If you don't know what that means, ask a librarian! Some of the scholarship books can be checked out and some have to stay in the library. Ask if you're not sure which is which.


College Blue Book
The Library has access to the eBook version of the College Blue Book. What's that? It's a huge 6 volume reference guide that dives deep into all things related to colleges, including one whole volume devoted to scholarships. We have the print version in the library, but you can also read it online. 
  1. Go to the College Blue Book online and you will be prompted to login to your MyPCC account if you have not already. 
  2. In the pulldown menu under the picture of the book, select Volume 5: Scholarships. 
  3. Go to the Table of Contents and scroll down to look at your lists of options. Click on the arrows to expand the lists. 
  4. There are A LOT Of choices and it can be overwhelming! Take it slow and look through them bit-by-bit. But remember that your best bets are the options listed above!