BI 101 Dubbs: Ecological Issues Project


Your teacher has provided you several ideas for topics. Here are some places to get more ideas on current issues in the environment:

Once you have chosen an environmental issue (one that interests you, and about which you can find multiple viewpoints), use the resources below to find articles with points of view that are supported by science. Remember:

For this project, we will discuss current environmental issues resulting from human activity. A social "issue" is a topic where people with good background knowledge disagree about how the topic should be handled.


Turning an Interest Into A Researchable Question 

watch this video about how to turn an interest into a paper topic


You will need at least one peer-reviewed research study related to your issue. Not sure what a peer-reviewed study is? We explain it here. Try any of the databases below to find one on your issue.

 Google Scholar 
Searches the academic scholarly web for peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, and articles. Searching Google Scholar from Portland Community College (following this link to Google Scholar preferences and selecting Save will set it up in your browser) will identify articles available from the PCC Library.


You will need to find articles that discuss the various "sides" of an issue, and why specific groups or organizations hold the positions that they do. Try the databases below to find informed viewpoint articles on your issue.


Most of your sources need to have been printed somewhere other than the web. Published articles about your issue from reputable magazines and newspapers can be found by searching in the databases below.

Google News

News articles from around the US and the world. Not all newspapers are equally credible, so verify the news you find.

Find Books, Articles, DVDs, and more