Philosophy: Books

"For Beginners" and "Starting With" series

These are terrific books for getting started:

Getting a book not available at PCC from another college library (Summit)

If the PCC Library doesn't have the book you want, chances are we can get it for you!

When you find an item in the catalog with a yellow dot and/or Check holdings, that means the book is not in our collection or is checked out. You may be able to request the book from a library in our region. If you don't see the Request item via Summit link, you will need to log in. 

Items requested through Summit can be delivered to any PCC Library at no cost for pick-up in about days. An email to your myPCC account will notify you when your item is ready for pick up.  PCC students and staff can visit any Summit library and borrow items directly with your PCC photo ID. Return your borrowed items to any PCC library.

Philosophy books free online

Thousands of books in the public domain (no longer protected by copyright laws) are available free online.  For example:

Find more books in the public domain in these repositories

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