OER - Open Educational Resources: Create

This guide is designed to help PCC faculty find, create and incorporate open educational resources for classes.

Creation Tools

Platforms & Tools:

"Easily create e-books, typeset PDFs, and web books. Choose from professionally designed book themes. One button publishing." Free and priced options.

OER Commons - Links to the authoring platform from OER Commons. Use Module Builder to create interactive content or Open Author to create course materials using text, files, images, etc. You will be prompted to set up an account to use this platform.

Softchalk | Resource/help page
Can be used to create interactive tutorials and mash up text/media.

Google Drive | Google Drive Help
Drive allows you to create web-hosted documents, presentations, forms etc. Each document can be linked to from D2L and centrally maintained (i.e. you can update the google document and it will automatically update within D2L). This can be useful especially if you are using the same material for multiple classes.

Video Editing & Storage

Easily record and edit videos of action on your computer screen.

Youtube | How to upload
The place to upload and store videos for viewing.

Photo Editing

Pixlr | Tutorials & FAQ
Online photo editor and drawing tool. Requires Flash

Accessibility Resources

PCC Guide to Web Accessibility for Online Classes - Step by step guides to making course materials accessible, contact information for support at PCC, and a link to PCC's Web Accessibility Handbook. 

BC Campus OpenEd Accessibility Toolkit - Addresses the needs of users with limited vision or other disabilities in accessing your OER.

Skills Commons Accessibility Guidelines - Helpful tools and rigorous guidelines to ensure accessibility. Includes instructions for evaluating your content and creating accessible documents (.doc, .pdf, .ppt). 

Protocol for Curating Accessible OER - detailed "how to's" for Microsoft and Google Docs users, from the National Center of Accessible Educational Materials (published May 2021). 

Authoring OER Webinar

Adapting and Authoring OER: Lessons Learned

Below is an informative webinar where a librarian and instructors from Central Oregon Community College discuss their experience authoring OER.

Authoring and Licensing Resources

BC Campus Open Education Self Publishing Guide - Recommended reading for adapting and authoring OER. Some content is campus specific. This comprehensive guide includes nuts and bolts details about authoring OER. It also contains a discussion of various formats for open textbooks.

Creating and Modifying OER Tutorial - From Affordable Learning Georgia, a guide to adapting OER. Includes licensing and accessibility info.

University of Saskatchewan OER Authoring Guide - Thorough guide to OER authoring using Pressbooks. 

Best practices for attribution from Creative Commons - Includes helpful examples of proper attribution of content with Creative Commons licenses. (For more on licensing, see the Licenses & Attribution tab of this guide.)

Open WA Attribution Builder  - Helps create proper attribution/citations when using and adapting OER content.