WR 122 Robillard & Fierman: Peer Review

Why use peer reviewed articles?

Peer reviewed or scholarly articles can be a helpful part of your research, especially in combination with other types of sources. 

It is important to remember that peer reviewed articles are often very specialized, and not a good starting place for most topics. They are written BY subject experts FOR subject experts, so they can be challenging reading. That said, they offer a high level of credibility and authority! 

Peer reviewed articles are typically found using a library database or Google Scholar, and they may come up in a web search. Remember not to pay for access to articles while you're a student! Get in touch with the library to see if we can find a copy of the article for you. 

Peer Review Explained

Find Articles with Google Scholar

Before searching, be sure to set PCC as your library in your browser by:

  1. Visiting the link to set "Library Links" settings for Google Scholar
  2. using the search box to search for "Portland Community College",
  3. checking the check box that appears underneath the search to select “Portland Community College – Find it @ PCC”, 
  4. and then selecting the Save button.

This will ensure that when you search Google Scholar in your browser, you will see Find It @ PCC links to full text if we have the article (Google Scholar sometimes also provides links to other free sources for full text).

You can learn more about setting Google Scholar preferences on the PCC Library Website

Anatomy of a Scholarly Article

Spend a few moments working your way through the Anatomy of a Scholarly Article tutorial at https://www.lib.ncsu.edu/tutorials/scholarly-articles/

Were there parts that you found surprising?

Why? Who Cares?

Academia, research, the library - these are places and spaces with a shared culture. Culture, in a nutshell, is what people do.

Understanding the culture of a place or people helps us figure out how to engage.

Research isn't any different. Anne-Marie Deitering--dean of libraries at OSU--is a really smart researcher and she came up with this list of things that scholars and experts do, a list of things that make up their culture.

Databases with Peer Reviewed Articles

Reading Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Need to find research articles from peer-reviewed science journals for a class project?  These tutorials will get you started.