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PCC 2021 Climate Action Plan

PCC's banner for the 2021 Climate Action Plan

PCC’s 2021 Climate Action Plan: Resiliency, Equity and Education for a Just Transition is the college’s five-year roadmap towards climate justice. The 2021 plan establishes a new carbon neutrality goal of 2040. The college adopted its first climate action plan in 2009, which was updated and expanded in 2013. The 2021 plan includes the following goals:

  • By 2026, PCC has reduced college energy consumption per square foot by 60% below 2006 levels.
  • By 2026, PCC has reduced its scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 75% below 2006 levels, through decarbonization of its energy sources.
  • By 2026, PCC has reduced college fleet fuel emissions by 25% below 2006 levels.
  • By 2026, PCC has reduced commuter and business travel greenhouse gas impacts per full time equivalent by 20% below the 2006 baseline.
  • By 2026, PCC purchaser and vendor contracts align with PCC’s diversity, equity and inclusion, sustainability and climate action goals and values to ensure long-term viability of PCC’s enterprise.
  • By 2026, PCC has reduced the college’s water consumption per square foot by 10% below 2019 levels.
  • By 2026, PCC has reduced greenhouse gas emissions from solid waste by 50% below 2006 levels.

Additional goals promote education and outreach, and resiliency. Read the full plan:
2021 Climate Action Plan

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PCC 2021 Climate Action Plan (6:42 minute video)

Learn about the 2021 PCC Climate Action plan in this short video, produced by Briar Schoon, PCC Sustainability Manager, and Stephania Fregosi, PCC Sustainability Analyst. PCC Climate Action Plan

PCC Sustainability Resources

Sustainability is a core theme of the College’s Mission
“Portland Community College supports student success by delivering access to quality education while advancing economic development and promoting sustainability in a collaborative culture of diversity, equity and inclusion.”

Sustainability is a core theme of the College’s outgoing Strategic Plan
Theme 6: “Achieve sustainable excellence in all operations.”

PCC offers a Sustainability Focus Award
The Sustainability Focus Award is designed for students who are interested in exploring the interdependent social, economic and environmental pillars of sustainability. Coursework ranges from Global Climate Change to Food Systems and Public Health.

PCC students have a Student Sustainability Hub
The Student Sustainability Hub includes programs for students who want to create positive change on campus and beyond.

Sustainability is integrated into curriculum across the disciplines
The PCC Cabinet created the Sustainable Practices for Academics and Resources Council (SPARC) to promote the active sharing of sustainability-related academic curricular and program development information.

Additional PCC sustainability resources