Climate Change

Guide to climate change, including research resources and discipline-specific tools

Climate change - the basics

Photograph of mountains with ice on one side and grass on the other

Climate change is an extraordinarily complex issue, affecting all aspects of human life and every academic discipline. This guide provides resources for understanding and researching climate change.

Use this guide to find resources about

  • the basics of climate change—see below
  • information sources for esearching climate change—learn about the different formats of information on the issue, and how to use these formats for a college research project
  • actions and solutions—what is being done to address climate change, and who is doing this work
  • climate grief—the anxiety and grief that the climate crisis is causing
  • climate denial—the psychological and political reasons why people deny or ignore the climate crisis
  • climate justice—the equity lens for understanding a crisis in which those who did the least to create the problem are suffering the harshest impacts
  • PCC Climate Action Plan—PCC's 2021 comprehensive plan to be carbon neutral by 2040!

Learn the basics of climate change from trusted sources

Two people measuring holes in an ice field.

Recommended web resources

See also the resources recommended on the Researching climate change page.

Recommended books and videos