Teaching Climate Change at the Community College

Resources for faculty who include the topic of climate change in their PCC classes

Climate justice

Image of the scales of justiceA commitment to justice permeates PCC's 2021 Climate Action Plan.  These are the values at the foundation of the plan: 

"We believe…

  1. Planning for the future is critical for student success. We will prepare our grounds, facilities and operations for a changing climate.
  2. Education is a human right. We will apply integrative learning strategies to empower students, staff and faculty to adapt to and thrive in a changing environment.
  3. Everything is connected. We will continue to use our college as living laboratories where PCC and the community can be engaged in stewardship and research sustainability solutions.
  4. Success requires equity. We will actively use social justice and equity frameworks to center those impacted most in creating climate and sustainability solutions.
  5. Our responsibility to our community goes beyond the college’s doors. We will root climate action in our bioregion in the Pacific Northwest, while ensuring that we reduce our global carbon footprint.
  6. We can go further together. We will work collaboratively with our community and other stakeholders to support sustainability leadership development and a green workforce.
  7. A just transition is imperative. We will address historical injustices with restorative, place-based climate action to uplift and empower our diverse community."   -- Values, 2021 Climate Action Plan

Climate justice begins with the recognition that the impacts of climate change fall most harshly on poor and marginalized people who are least responsible for their creation.  The resources on this page provide a grounding in environmental racism and the just transition lens to climate action. See also the Climate Justice page for curriculum resources on the  Climate Change Curriculum guide.