Teaching Climate Change at the Community College

Resources for faculty who include the topic of climate change in their PCC classes

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These resources were compiled by librarian Roberta Richards as part of a professional development project, Spring 2021. Contact Roberta with questions, updates or corrections to this guide. 

See also the guide Climate Change Curriculum.

Roberta Richards
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Climate misinformation, denial and skepticism

Image of the words "I don't believe in global warming" on a flooded wall.Climate change denial is a fading challenge. The heatwaves, wildfires, hurricanes and floods of recent years have provided evidence of anthropogenic climate change that is all but impossible to deny.  There remain some deep pockets of deniers and skeptics, and policies to address climate change continue to spark controversy.  But the PCC instructors interviewed for this project indicated that they have rarely encountered climate deniers or skeptics in class in recent years, although they did in years past.

Students coming from Portland-area schools have been learning the science of climate change since middle school. One instructor compared teaching climate change to teaching evolution - you can't rule out the possibility of pushback, but you can present the science as established.

This page has resources on climate misinformation and denial, including its roots and tools to respond to specific claims, should they arise.

Climate change misinformation, denial and skepticism

Answers to climate deniers claims