Teaching Climate Change at the Community College

Resources for faculty who include the topic of climate change in their PCC classes

Networks of support at PCC and beyond for instructors who teach climate change

Teaching climate change is hard, but support networks are available.  See below lists of PCC faculty who teach climate change and can share insights; PCC campus supports; regional and national networks of faculty who teach climate change; and key voices in the international conversation about climate change pedagogy.

PCC instructors and staff who can provide advice and support

PCC campus supports

Networks (regional, national and international) for faculty teaching climate change

Climate change educators worth following

These educators are among the key voices in the conversation about how how to teach climate change across the curriculum in higher education.

Jennifer Atkinson, Associate Professor of environmental humanities at the University of Washington, Bothell. Her seminars on Eco-anxiety were some of the first of their kind on college campuses, and attracted national attention. Selected works:

Krista Hiser, Director, University of Hawaii Center for Sustainability Across the Curriculum and Writing Professor, Kapi’olani Community College. Selected works:

Elin Kelsey,  a leading spokesperson, scholar and educator in the area of evidence-based hope. Selected works:


Panu Pihkala, Scholar and writer, multidisciplinary environmental studies, University of Helsinki. Selected works:


Sarah Jaquette Ray, Program leader of the Environmental Studies Program at Humboldt State University. Selected works: