GEO 206 Geography of Oregon: Portland/Oregon News

What is news good for?

News sources --

  1. provide timely information on a topic and may be the only source of information on a very recent event (other than social media);
  2. often provide useful background information to help you understand the big picture;
  3. can provide a sense of popular opinion about a certain issue and usually reflect a variety of points of view as journalists try to avoid bias;
  4. often contain first-hand accounts of people who experienced an event or are impacted by an issue;
  5. are usually written by professional journalists (who are only as credible as the sources they use) and reviewed by an editor.

Oregonian Access

The web site provides free full-text access to many Oregonian articles from the last few years, and supports fee-based article delivery of all Oregonian articles ($1.95 per article). The Multnomah County Public Library also provides online full text access to the Historical Oregonian (1861-1987) and current Oregonian (1987-present) to all cardholders.

Search the Oregon Newspaper Index which indexes (but does not provide full-text access to) over 845,000 articles in the Oregonian newspaper from 1851-1987. This index is maintained by the University of Oregon.

TV Local News Stations

Portland-Area College Newspapers

Other Places to Search for Oregon News