GEO 206 Geography of Oregon: Find Books & Articles

Find Articles

Search these databases to find articles on topics on topics related to geography. Some of the databases below only contain scholarly research studies; others will contain a mix of scholarly, magazine, and newspaper articles; and others only have newspaper articles. Here are some of the benefits of scholarly articles. Each type of article is useful and beneficial and a good research paper will utilize a diverse array of sources.

Scholarly articles--

  • Report on the results of research studies
  • Are written by experts in the field
  • Are reviewed by experts to ensure the quality of the research
  • Tend to carry more weight with audiences because they are seen as being more credible and authoritative

Find Articles with Google Scholar

Before searching, be sure to set PCC as your library in your browser by:

  1. Visiting the link to set "Library Links" settings for Google Scholar
  2. using the search box to search for "Portland Community College",
  3. checking the check box that appears underneath the search to select “Portland Community College – Find it @ PCC”, 
  4. and then selecting the Save button.

This will ensure that when you search Google Scholar in your browser, you will see Find It @ PCC links to full text if we have the article (Google Scholar sometimes also provides links to other free sources for full text).

You can learn more about setting Google Scholar preferences on the PCC Library Website

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