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BI 234 Assignments: guidance for research

The resources on this guide will help you to complete assignments, lab reports and case studies in BI 234 with Piper Wood. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Use the resources on this Home page to find background information on microbiology scientists, pathogens and medical information.
    • Use the book search box to find eBooks on diseases and pathogens -- even just a chapter could be really useful! 
    • I suggest you try Access Science for the basic information about the bacteria and virus that you’re working with.
    • Try both the Merck Manual and the Encyclopedias for Background Research database for foundational information about the disease(s) the pathogens lead to. 
  • The next tab provides how-to instructions for finding Articles in peer-reviewed journals. There are two kinds of peer-reviewed articles that would be useful for your assignments.
    • Read the handouts provided to find at least one of each: a research article and a review article.
    • Watch the video on using scientific articles.
  • The Web sources tab has good advice for how to use websites like Science Daily and EurekaAlert! to identify research articles. Advanced Google search tips are also provided.
  • The CSE Citations tab has a how-to video and links to citation generators and handouts on the Author-Date style. 

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Merck Manual

The Merck Manual is a good starting place for medical information. This link will take you to the professional version of the Merck Manual online.