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Academic Integrity resources for faculty

At PCC -- 2016 survey data tells us:

Where do students at PCC learn about academic integrity policies?

  • From faculty (92%)
  • PCC website (73.2%)

What did they learn about?

  • Citation of sources (about 72%)
  • Plagiarism (60%)
  • Guidelines on group work and/or collaboration (57%).

Students see inappropriate sharing in group assignments as the most common violation of academic integrity at PCC; 14.5% of students think it happens often or very often.

The Basics

Ten Principles of Academic Integrity for Faculty -- McCabe, Pavela and McDuff

Academic Integrity (from the PCC Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook)

Nobody Wins in an Academic Integrity Arms Race  (June 2023 discussion of artificial intelligence and academic integrity, from The Chronicle of Higher Ed)