WR 227 Erwert: Get Started

Formats for communicating information to different audiences

Your WR227 assignments require choosing a format appropriate for communicating to a specific audience. 

Assignment 2

  • For your Major Assignment 2, you will be creating an artifact to communicate a problem/solution that focuses on a problem at Portland Community College or online learning in general. 
  • In the boxes below you will find examples of different formats for presenting information, and guidance on how to to use that format effectively.  You can also do a web search to find additional examples and tips.
  • The next tab, Researching Education Issues, provides links to recommended websites and library databases for finding reliable information on education topics  to support your claims. 

Assignments 3 and 4

  • For your Formal Letter and Formal Resume or Curriculum Vitae assignments, see the tab Resumes & Cover Letters for guidelines and examples about those formats.

The Contact a Librarian provides links to get assistance from a librarian or tutor.  You can also contact Roberta Richards, your class librarian, directly at rrichard@pcc.edu