WR 222 with Liz Smith: Books & Background sources

Background research

Background research can help you establish:

Definition of a key concept

Brief history or overview

Identifies major thinkers

Major shifts in understanding or events

Popular News Source

Finding Books Using Subject Headings

Books are essential to researchers and often provide a strong overview of a topic. One strategy to find books on your topic is to use a keyword search to find relevant subjects.

For example, I searched the keyword phrase college study skills in the PCC Library search box. The first result seemed very relevant, a book called College study skills : becoming a strategic learner. I clicked on the linked title of the book, then scrolled to the Item Details heading to view the subject headings you see below. Clicking on a subject heading will get me quickly to many more books on the same topic.

Screenshot from the catalog showing a list of linked subjects under item details for a specific book.

Looking for e-books?

The library subscribes to many collections of e-books that you can access by searching in the PCC Library search box. If you're looking just for e-books, on the results page, check the "eBooks" box on the left-hand side of the page in the "Format" section and then click the "Apply Filters" button. An e-book will say Online Access underneath the title information. To access it, click that Online Access link and it should take you straight to the e-book. 

Screenshot of the catalog showing the eBook check box under Format to limit the search to eBooks.

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