OLA Intellectual Freedom Staff Training Resources


Guide no longer being maintained. Last updated in 2018.

Intellectual Freedom Training Resource Guide

This guide is a repository of resources to train library staff, including student workers and volunteers, on a range of intellectual freedom issues.   This first page includes general and comprehensive resources.  Use the tabs to find resources on specific intellectual freedom topics or types of library.

Do you know of resources which should be added to this guide?  Contact the OLA Intellectual Freedom Committee at www.olaweb.org/contact-ifc

Scroll down this page to find video clips introducing intellectual freedom, archived webinar, roll playing scenarios, a checklist, and other resources. 

Multnomah County Library Staff Training Slides (Google Slides)

Intellectual Freedom video clips

In 2 minutes, historian David McCullough explains why the freedom to think for yourself is a core American value.  https://youtu.be/yb39W3lBmVo

Recorded webinars for staff intellectual freedom trainings

Additional staff training resources