HE 242 Stress and Human Health (Meagher): Find Articles

Support for Health Studies 242, Stress and Human Health, for research projects on health benefits of strategies to ameliorate stress.

Find Articles in Focused Library Databases

Databases collect articles from magazines and journals. These databases contain journal articles in the fields of health and well-being

Finding the Permanent link

Look for the permanent link (Permalink) to find the article again.  Do not use the URL in the address bar. URLs will NOT work as a stable link.


Reading a Scholarly Article

Interactive tutorial that describes the parts and function of a scholarly article.

Anatomy of a Scholarly Article

Preview page of tutorial on anatomy of a scholarly article

from NCSU Libraries

What is Peer Review?

Infographic describing the peer-review process.

Peer-review explained

If you don't find full-text

If the article you have found in a library database doesn't have the full text right there, click on the "Find It" button to see if the article is available in full-text in another database. The "Find It" button will look like this. Button that says "Find It" as it is seen on PCC Library databases

If we do have it, it will take you to a page that provides you a link to the database in which the article is available (click on that link to access the article).

If we do not have it, you will see a "Get it" button to request a digital copy (PDF) of the article, which takes approximately 24 hours. The digital copy will be delivered to you via email.

Learn more about requesting library materials.