HE 213 Men's Health (Meagher): Find Articles


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Find Articles with EBSCO

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Find Articles in Focused Library Databases

Databases are searchable collections of materials. The databases listed below contain journals in the fields of personal health.

Skim the descriptions below and try searching on your topic in at least 2 or 3 databases in order to locate relevant articles. Look for ways to limit to peer-reviewed journal articles, typically found as a check-box on the left or right hand sides of your search results.

Finding the Permanent link

To link to an article in a library database, look for the permanent link, so that it will prompt the MyPCC login. The URL at the top of the page, in the web address bar, will NOT work as a stable link.


Talking About Men's Health blog


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Peer-review explained

Search words

What do I type in the search box? Matching your interests to an article can be tricky, so it's worth taking a moment to consider what words to use in a search. To prompt your thinking, imagine the title of the perfect article that would be of interest to you. What main ideas are included? Use a combination of the key concepts and phrases in a search to browse relevant articles. 

Example search phrases:

cardiovascular health AND men AND aging
masculinity AND stereotypes AND advertising
gender differences AND life expectancy AND cancer
race AND health AND men


If you don't find full-text

If the article you have found in a library database doesn't have the full text right there, click on the "Find It" button to see if the article is available in full-text in another database. The "Find It" button will look like this. Button that says "Find It" as it is seen on PCC Library databases

If we do have it, it will take you to a page that provides you a link to the database in which the article is available (click on that link to access the article).

If we do not have it, you will see a "Get it" button to request a digital copy (PDF) of the article, which takes approximately 24 hours. The digital copy will be delivered to you via email.

Learn more about requesting library materials. 

What is Peer Review?

Infographic describing the peer-review process.

Reading a Scholarly Article

Interactive tutorial that describes the parts and function of a scholarly article.

Anatomy of a Scholarly Artice

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