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How to use this guide

Welcome to the course guide for FN 211 Personal and Social Frameworks for Nutrition and Healthy Aging.  This guide is designed to help you complete any research you need to do in the class. You'll find links and suggestions for using library resources and the web.  I also want to encourage you to get in touch with a librarian at any point in your work. We can help talk through an assignment or help with your research -- whether you're stuck or just wanting suggestions -- a friendly librarian is happy to help you!

In this guide find:

  • News articles: Start here to strategically locate examples of recent news coverage for research on healthy aging and nutrition topics. 
  • Research articles: You will learn how to find and use articles from peer-reviewed journals that summarize and share original research. I also suggest library databases and provide pointers on how to use databases or how to work with research journal articles.
  • Websites: This tab points you in the direction of a small handful of carefully chosen websites that you can use and know that you're getting good, credible information.  I've also included some pointers about improving your Google searches and a video about evaluating the information your find online.
  • Cite sources: You will need to cite information you find for a couple of your assignments.  This tab will give you lots of information about how to do that properly.
  • Get help: This is my favorite tab!  Because, really, all you need to know is that you can reach out to PCC librarians for help.  Chat, phone, email, text, in-person -- whatever works for you!

Course readings