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Environmental issue or problem term paper


This guide goes along with the environmental issue or problem term paper for your ESR 171 course. 

From the assignment sheet:

  • "Your paper must include citations from credible sources of information, and a bibliography in APA format"
  • "Use a mix of reputable sources—web, newspapers/magazines, books, and personal communication.  Be careful to avoid sources with a bias or agenda."
  • For the highest score on the grading rubric:  "8-10 reputable, scientific sources used."

This guide provides

Selecting a topic

The best topic is one that you care about, so start with your own interests and curiosity.  The usual process is to start with a broad topic (climate change) and narrow it to something that you can discuss in some depth in a your paper (for example, how climate change is affecting bird populations in Oregon).  Start by doing some general reading or web searching on your big topic, which will reveal aspects of your topic where you can go deep.  

Here are some places to get ideas about current environmental issues.


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