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Oregon EcoRegions assignment guide for Paige Anderson

Oregon Ecoregion Project

This guide provides links to resources and search tips for the BI 101 Oregon Ecoregion Project.  The resources are not an exhaustive list of all sources -- ask a librarian if you need help with the project!

Some details of your assignment:

  • "Your task is to prepare a report to the governor of Oregon, to inform her of the natural biological features of the state.... You are essentially “representing” your ecoregion, providing her information she needs to effectively govern this part of Oregon." 
  • "Your information should be gathered from a minimum of 6 reliable sources, and these should be cited in your paper.... Use MLA format for your bibliography."
  • The first step is to review the information in this guide, and find and submit two relevant, reliable sources using the form below.  

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