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Collapse of Ancient Civilizations What can corporations learn?

Videos: Themes, factors, causes

Incredible Archeological Discoveries.  A presentation for the World Economic Forum. 2016.  11 minutes
Ian Morris lists five common factors in the fall of civilizations.  A summary of his points is here:

  • Roman empire (Ancient Rome)
  • Knossos, Crete (Ancient Greece)
  • Maya, in Mesoamerica; the Tikal site
  • Akkadian empire, Mesopotamia (now Iraq)

Why Do Societies Collapse? Ted Talk by Jared Diamond. 2003. 18 minutes, close captioned
Five common causes are listed. 
Examples of societies include: Vikings, Montana, Easter Island

Videos: Civilizations

Civilizations Collapse: Concepts Previews (some text will not be available)